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Ad Account Audit

This comprehensive audit is designed to shine a light on every facet of your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns that could be improved to drive more conversions and growth.


  • Technical Set-up: I'll verify that everything is set-up properly on the back-end.


  • Previous Campaign Performance Analysis: We'll determine the messaging, creatives, copy and audiences that performed the best or that missed the mark.


  • Campaign & Goal Alignment: We'll determine the campaign objective types to use to achieve your goals.


  • Custom Budget Planning: I'll evaluate your previous and future budgets to help you understand exactly what type of budget you should plan for, based on your goals.


  • Landing Page & Sales Funnel Review: Pinpoint opportunities to reduce leaks in your funnels that might cost you missed revenue opportunities.


  • KPI & Benchmark Guidance: You'll gain clarity on metrics that matter most to monitor ad success.

One-Time Meta Ad Account Audit

  • Get tailored insights to optimize your existing Facebook & Instagram ads

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